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About the "How Do I Get Ordained" Series


The world has many religions... the ULC wants you to be able to learn how to get ordained with many of them!


The Universal Life Church staff recognizes that your presence on may be due more to your interest in the process of ordination than in the ULC itself. It is for this reason that features a number of articles on how you can get ordained. From getting ordained as a Christian to becoming ordained to perform wedding ceremonies for friends and family, the ordination process is covered in detail here.

In order to expand our collection of information about ordination processes and to include content about the world's many diverse ordination practices, the Universal Life Church staff has decided to launch a series of blog posts on how adherents of major religions get ordained as ministers, rabbis, imams, pujari, gurus, and so on. This collection of articles has been titled the "How Do I Get Ordained" series and should begin sometime next week (Nov. 5 9).

Topics to be Covered by the "How Do I Get Ordained" Series

As anyone who has read this site's recent blog posts about the virtues of online ordination can tell you, the Universal Life Church's preferred method of ordination is that of online ordination. However, we abhor the thought of lessening the importance of other churches' ordination practices. The ULC firmly believes in the mantra _"We are all children of the same universe"_and so it would like to provide additional information about how you can get ordained online and/or as a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, or Sikh religious leader.

Blog posts on the following topics will be published on in the coming months:

How Do I Get Ordained as a Rabbi? Rabbis were not originally leaders of congregations like many Christian ministers are today; their roles have been expanded much in recent centuries due to influence from Protestant Christianity. Learn how rabbis get ordained and what kinds of services they perform today and performed centuries ago here.

How Do I Get Ordained as an Imam? A prominent figure both in and outside the mosque, imams lead worship services, serve as spiritual leaders, and work within their communities. Discover more about the role imams play in Islam, and how to become one, by reading this article.

Want to get ordained as a Hindu priest, or granthi? The Universal Life Church is going to help you out with this series of blog posts!

  • Want to get ordained as a Hindu priest, or granthi? The Universal Life Church is going to help you out with this series of blog posts!*

How Do I Get Ordained as a Pujari? Hinduism has multiple kinds of priests. Pujari are "temple priests" in that they perform rituals and prayer services inside temples. Learn about this ancient priesthood by reading this post.

How Do I Get Ordained as a Shinto Priest? Shintoism is Japan's indigenous spirituality; it has a rich history and a wealth of practices and beliefs, many of which are adopted from Buddhism. Learn how Shinto priests get ordained and what their role within Shintoism is by reading this article.

How Do I Get Ordained as a Granthi? Sikhism has not had priests since the last living Sikh guru, Guru Gobind Sindh, abolished its priesthood, but granthi (literally "the keeper and the reader of Sikh scripture") perform many of the tasks that priests in other religions do. Learn about granthi here.

How Did People Get Ordained in Ancient Religions? From the ancient Egyptians to the medieval Norse, religious leaders have played important roles in human societies across history. Learn how priests of some of the more well-known belief systems were inducted into their religious orders by reading this post.

Every topic listed above will have a link to its corresponding blog post as soon as it has been published. Please check back on this post regularly so that you can discover what it takes to get ordained with the world's many religions!

How Would You Like to Get Ordained? Send Us Suggestions!

All the articles in the "How Do I Get Ordained" series are ultimately meant for you, the readers of this website's blog, so the Universal Life Church staff wants to make sure that we are writing content that caters to your interests. In order to make sure we are doing so, we desperately want your suggestions and feedback; provide both by emailing us here.

As you can probably tell by the extensive list of ordination practices from around the world that we listed above, the ULC is very interested in including a diverse group of religions into this series of blog posts. Please make sure to let us know if there is a faith system that you would like to get ordained with that is not included on the above list and we will happily research and publish information about it for you.

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