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Outdoor Rehearsal DinnerAccording to tradition in the United States, the rehearsal dinner is an event held roughly a day before a couple gets married. The general idea is to rehearse for the wedding and then move into a meal as a way of thanking the people involved in the event. Of course, a sit-down dinner is only one of the many ways you can take this gathering. If you want to explore alternatives to the expected, look at these ideas and find the perfect way to go about this preliminary celebration.  

Visit Multiple Locations

Couples who are tying the knot in or near a major city may feel as if there are too many amazing restaurant options to pick just one. Why limit yourself when you can sample a variety of what the metropolis has to offer? Hopping from one restaurant to the next between courses can be a wonderful way to enjoy all of the tastes of the city and keep your crew entertained and engaged. Have cocktails at a great pub to start, move on to new locations for appetizers, the main course, and dessert for a robust night. 

Stray From the Land

If you don’t feel like rushing around the city for your rehearsal, consider an option that does all of the moving for you. Instead of hitting a landlocked restaurant, you may find bringing the whole crowd to the docks for a boat cruise is a lot more fun. Boat cruises are a simple and enjoyable way to bring a group together and see the beauty of the city from a whole new perspective. This is a great option when your nuptials fall during the warmer months of the year, but be mindful of seasickness concerns before finalizing the reservations.

Host a Game Night

So many preliminary events are attached to your wedding that you may have very little desire to commit to a full rehearsal dinner. Thankfully, you don’t have to go anywhere to capture the essence of this gathering. Hosting a party at your house is an easy way to keep things simple. Instead of just having a basic dinner, break out some fun games and engage in a little healthy competition with your closest friends and family members. This can be a very nice way to breathe and relax before the big day arrives.

Fire Up the Grill

When the weather is agreeable, you may find hosting a little barbecue at your home is a great fit. Outdoor parties tend to be more relaxed overall, providing a perfect atmosphere for your loved ones to gather and discuss their excitement about your upcoming nuptials. Plus, the food involved is not difficult to make, meaning you won’t have to deal with complicated prep amidst an already chaotic period. If you don’t have the space to host a barbecue at your home, a picnic at a local park can be a great alternative.

Have Some Breakfast

Dinner is not a hard-and-fast aspect of the rehearsal process. In fact, you might find it a lot easier to gather your group together for an earlier meal. A breakfast or brunch choice is great because it means you can take care of the rehearsal early and spend the rest of your day relaxing and readying yourself for the wedding itself. Plus, brunch can be a lot more fun overall. Grab some mimosas, indulge in some decadent dishes, and enjoy the celebration while the sun is still up. 

Though the rehearsal dinner is an integral component in modern American weddings, there is no rule forcing you to go to a traditional restaurant for the gathering. Weigh the alternatives and find a fit that works best for the way you’d prefer to celebrate your big day.

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