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Performing a marriage is the most memorable way to be involved in a wedding. And the good news is, you don’t have to spend years in seminary school to preside over this special occasion. Since 1959, the Universal Life Church has made it possible for millions to get ordained and perform a marriage for friends and family. Ordained ministers have performed weddings of all different themes and sizes, from private gatherings by the beach to elegant church weddings. When you become ordained, you can perform a wedding that satisfies any tradition.

ULC ministers don’t have to worry about the legal standings of their marriage. According to the Wall Street Journal , weddings performed by ordained friends and family members are an increasingly popular trend. ULC has ordained over 20 million people and that number is growing. The New York Times confirmed that marriages performed by ministers who become ordained online are legally binding in all states.

The greatest benefit of performing a marriage is that it gives the bride and groom the flexibility to create a truly unique experience. Newly wed couples can appreciate the savings they’ll receive when they opt out of hiring a pastor and call upon a close friend. They won’t have to search high and low for a clergy member who can fulfill their wishes. Whether they want a traditional wedding or a wedding with a wild and fun theme, an ordained minister is able to accommodate their needs. In a few simple steps, it is possible for anyone to be ordained and give their loved ones the wedding of their dreams.

Step 1: Check Your Local Laws

Weddings performed by Universal Life Church ministers have been recognized by all fifty states. However, the specific requirements to perform a wedding vary from state to state. Some states require additional documentation in order to confirm your credentials as a member of the clergy.
You should contact your local county clerk to get the specific requirements for your state.

Step 2: Get Ordained

You can become ordained in less than ten minutes. The online ministry encompasses all belief systems, including Christianity and Eastern traditions. Just visit the church’s main website and you can become ordained in just a few mouse clicks. Follow the instructions, fill out the requested information, and you’ll receive a certificate of your ordination. You should print this confirmation so that you can provide official proof of your credentials and for your personal records.

Step 3: Consult With the Couple

Before the wedding, you want to meet with the couple to plan the details of the ceremony. This is a good time to prepare for any special requests. If they would like to hold the wedding at a special location, travel arrangements should be discussed. If they have any specific religious preferences, you can tailor the ceremony to meet their wishes.

Prior to the wedding, the couple may want to have a rehearsal. This is often a good idea for elaborate ceremonies that involve the participation of the guests. While rehearsal is not as important for informal ceremonies, you should at least create a timeline of the ceremony and run through the events. Theexcitement of a wedding makes it possible to overlook important things – even in a small ceremony.

Step 4: Perform the Ceremony

Now, here’s the part you’ve been waiting for: the wedding ceremony. As a minister, your biggest task is to create the best experience possible for the bride, groom and guests.

During the consultation, and rehearsal, you have worked with the couple to develop a blueprint for the wedding. Now your job is to make sure these plans are carried out. Before the event, meet and greet with family members. For those participating in the ceremony, be available if they have any questions about their role in the wedding. Make sure that everything is in place.

If you will be delivering a speech or sermon, it helps to have a script available to look upon for reference. And, most importantly, don’t forget the wedding rings. If the couple will be exchanging rings, make sure that you have put them in a place that will be convenient to access during the ceremony.

Step 5: Complete All Legal Paperwork

After the wedding ceremony is complete, all that’s left is the paperwork. In order for the marriage to be binding, a complete marriage license must be sent to the state or county clerk’s office. To complete the certificate, have the bride and groom sign it after the ceremony. As an ordained minister, you will be authorized to sign off as a witness. After the certificate is processed by the appropriate agency, the marriage is official and your work is done.

In a few simple steps, you can perform a wedding that will create lasting memories. Online ordination makes it easy to get started with a simple and free ordination. As a respected organization, the church has helped millions of ministers perform wedding around the world. The Universal Life Church has an embracing doctrine and has accommodated members of all faith traditions. With an online ordination, you will be able to perform lasting, legally binding marriages that will truly be special.