Get Ordained

Looking to get ordained to become a minister? The task can seem daunting. You might not have the time or money to attend seminary or theological school – they can cost more than $50,000! Or maybe you’ve simply put the idea on the “back burner”… Fortunately, the Universal Life Church makes the whole process fast and free.

The ULC offers the world a convenient, nondiscriminatory process that allows anyone to get ordained online to receive his or her certification, bypassing the traditional “brick and mortar” religious education establishments.  Anybody can become a minister, from your next-door neighbor to celebrities like Conan O’Brien and Bryan Cranston!

As a minister, you’ll be able to officiate weddings, perform baptisms, solemnize funerals, and even lead your own congregation. Read some of the articles above to learn more about your rights and responsibilities.


  • Getting ordained online as a minister is fast, easy, and free! Click here to begin the process to become a minister!

  • We provide all the tools and ministry products you need to perform a ceremony and help get you started.

  • Not sure how to perform a ceremony? We can help, click here to find all our different resources to help you perform a wedding.

Pope Francis Condemns Sexual Abuse by Catholic Clergy

Pope Francis Pleads for Forgiveness From Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse On July 6th, Pope Francis met with a small group of adult victims at the Vatican who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the  Catholic clergy. He expressed deep regret and compared the crimes to that of a “sacrilegious cult.” The Pope promised… [continue reading]