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Who Can Marry People

Who Can Marry People

Did you know that you don’t have to be a judge, justice of the peace, or civil celebrant to officially perform a marriage? While individuals in such offices are indeed authorized to perform legal marriage ceremonies, they aren’t the only ones who can marry people.

Under the law, anyone who is ordained and a recognized member of the clergy can also preside over marriages. Requirements may vary slightly depending on location, but in general, as long as you can prove you’re in good standing with your church, you’ll be granted the right to legally marry people.

How Do You Become A Member of the Clergy?

Traditionally, clergy members were required to join a specific church and adhere to a particular religious doctrine in order to become ordained and qualified to perform marriages. But over time, it becomes eminently clear that boxing people into a singular belief system was both unnecessarily constraining and antithetical to religious freedom.

Many have found a refreshing alternative in the ULC, which provides a simple and straightforward path to ordination. An all-welcoming, non-denominational religious organization, the ULC takes a universal approach to faith. Its two main tenets are:

  • Always do that which is right
  • Allow all the freedom to worship as they choose

By following these two basic tenets, anyone – regardless of their religious beliefs (or lack thereof) – can become ordained online as a ULC minister.

You Can Get Ordained Online?

Absolutely! People around the world have become ordained through the ULC. Ministers of the ULC can not only perform weddings, but can also preside over funerals, baptisms and any other type of religious or spiritual ceremony. Some ministers even go on to start and lead their own church.

So, if you’re wondering who can marry people, the answer is anyone who feels so-called!