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How to Write a Wedding Script

Man writing a wedding script

Congratulations on being asked to officiate a wedding! If this is your first time officiating for a couple, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the thought of writing an entire script for the ceremony. However, with a little bit of preparation and know-how, you’ll be able to craft a memorable wedding d script that includes everything the couple was hoping for and more. Whether you need to know what is legally required of the officiant, where to find resources to help you, or simply how to begin writing, this helpful guide covers it all.

Meet With the Couple

The most useful first step you can take when preparing the content of your script is to just sit down and talk with the couple. The goal of this discussion is to get to know them (if you don’t already), to learn what is important to them, and to get a sense of what type of ceremony they would like. For example, do they want religion incorporated into their wedding? If they have different religious beliefs, do they want to blend religious traditions? Or would they prefer a more contemporary and secular style of ceremony? Try to ask as many basic questions as you can to build a framework for the script.

Crafting a Wedding Script

Some couples will have a plan for exactly what they would like the ceremony to feature and after your first meeting, you’ll have a solid grasp on how the script should be. But others will be expecting the minister to come up with the script on their own, and may be too busy to provide extensive feedback. Even if that’s the case, you should be able to put together a decent outline using the information you gathered at your initial meeting.

As the wedding officiant, it’s crucial that you include the legally binding portions of the ceremony – commonly recognized as the “I do’s” and “I now pronounce you married” statements that we are all familiar with. The marriage will not be considered legal if those parts are omitted.

Customizing the Wedding

Beyond those basic legal elements, however, the script is open to customization. Some of the typical elements you often see featured are stories about the couple, scripture (or secular) readings, and quotes about love and commitment. But many couples like to personalize their ceremony and make it uniquely “them” – so work with the couple where possible to accomplish that.

On a similar note, be aware of any additional activities or cultural traditions that the couple might want to include, such as jumping the broom, stomping a glass, or lighting a unity candle. Make sure to rehearse these elements at least once beforehand, and have all the necessary materials prepared in advance.

Resources for Writing Ceremony Scripts

When consulting resources for scriptwriting, many of our ministers find the book “By the Power Vested in You” especially useful. If you are interested in more ideas and inspiration for wedding scripts, our online book catalog has a range of materials that offer in-depth insight. Do It Yourself Wedding Ceremony is a great resource for people crafting a custom ceremony piece-by-piece. For those looking for a book with complete ceremonies to choose from, then Wedding Ceremony to Remember is a perfect choice. Finally, Baker’s Wedding Handbook is written with a Christian ceremony in mind and is quite useful for ministers with couples seeking a more traditional wedding day.

We also have a collection of additional resources on our YouTube channel and our Pinterest page to help you get started while your books are on their way to your door!

Free Script Generator

For more immediate assistance, we offer a quick and easy way to create a personalized script right here on our website: the ULC’s free online Wedding Ceremony Script Generator, found within the wedding training section. Just input the names of the couple and their ceremony preferences, finalize your options, and you’ll have a full custom wedding script available to use! This handy script generator tool even features options to include additional ceremony elements, such as handfastings. You’ll walk away with a complete ceremony script from start to finish, ready for you to download and print out for the wedding.

Take Advantage of All Your Options

Finally, we’ve also compiled a collection of sample wedding ceremony scripts that are ready for you to use immediately. From different faith backgrounds like Christian, Jewish or Muslim, to specific ceremony styles, there is a wide variety of wedding scripts to choose from. Just pick the style of ceremony that best suits the occasion, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and hit “download.”

That about covers it! Our goal has always been to provide officiants and couples with resources to help them succeed in holding the wedding of their dreams. Taking into account differences in creative preferences and learning styles, we’ve striven to offer a little something for everyone. As you begin building a custom wedding script for your next ceremony, remember to make use of all the options at your disposal!