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Vehicle Press Placard

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This dual purpose identification placard has been made available for all your needs. If your ministry takes you on the road, don't leave home without it!

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Vehicle Press Placard Details

When a ULC Minister arrives at an event with one of our Press Pass Parking Placards in their window, their presence is unmistakable. Wherever your ministerial duties take you, announce yourself with the Parking Placard. Then flip it over and chase the story with our Press Pass. That's two amazing placards for the price of one. We love hearing from our ministers all across the country, so keep us up to date on breaking news and headlines in your area. We might publish it in the ULC Ministries Newsletter - The Visionary. Click here to contact us today!

This laminated, 2-sided Press Pass Parking Placard can be used to identify you and your car as being on official ministerial duty when parked at a church, prison, hospital, or the location of a wedding.

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