The 100 Most Important Events

in Christian History

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The 100 Most Important Christian History is an intriguing timeline of early Christianity, loaded with devotion, drive, and ambition over the millennia.
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The 100 Most Important Events Details

This book dives deep into one hundred of the most fascinating events in over two thousand years of Christian history, packed into a single volume. Contains many records of significant events, and written in an easy-to-understand style, it sheds light on some of the highlighted events, people, and ideas that have had the most impact on the church.

This is the perfect addition for any teachers, pastors, history buffs, and anyone interested in learning about the development and timeline of the Christian church.

Each chapter covers a specific year in chronological order, beginning in 64 AD, and ending in 1976 AD. Chapters like: The Martyrdom of Polycarp (150), Gregory I Becomes Pope (590), and Charlemagne Crowned Emperor (800)

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