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Religious Title Certificate

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Want a custom title next to your name? Honorary titles are issued by the ULC, featuring elegant calligraphy and sturdy, high-quality paper perfect for framing.

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Religious Title Certificate Details

Look, conventional titles like "Minister" don't work for everyone – and that's okay! When pursuing your goals as a member of the Universal Life Church, we want you to feel confident in the title that sits next to your name.

Faith views and spiritual practices vary greatly from belief system to belief system, and even from person to person. We understand that not everyone fits into neat little boxes, and your religious title options should reflect that.

That's why we have created an option to request a special honorary religious title.

Some common honorary titles include:

  • Pastor
  • Chaplain
  • Reverend
  • Life Coach
  • High Priestess
  • Doctor of Space and Time

Once we process your request, we'll create and send a custom certificate with your honorary title. Each honorary certificate granted by the ULC features your name and title written in calligraphy and is issued on high-quality paper that is great for framing.

Note: Please remember that all granted titles are honorary, meaning they are not accredited. Honorary titles apply to your ministry only, and should not be interpreted to mean that you hold any special leadership role within the ULC headquarters organization.


  • Any titles in the name field will be removed (examples: reverend, pastor, P.H.D., M.D., minister).
  • The date listed on the degree will be the date it is ordered, not your ordination date.

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