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Pandemic Wedding Kit

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Performing a wedding during the pandemic requires taking extra precautions. This Pandemic Wedding Kit includes everything you'll need for a safe ceremony.

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Pandemic Wedding Kit Details

These are challenging times, but that doesn't mean life has to be put on hold – so long as proper precautions are taken. The rules are simple, and by now we all know them: put on a mask, remember to wash hands, keep gatherings outdoors, and practice social distancing. Weddings are certainly more difficult under these guidelines, but many couples are taking the restrictions in stride and moving forward with their ceremony plans.

The Universal Life Church Ministries is excited to introduce the "Pandemic Wedding Kit" (a sentence we never expected we would be writing). This custom package includes everything a wedding minister will need to plan and perform a marriage ceremony in the time of coronavirus.

Finally, to make sure everyone in attendance stays safe, this package also comes with a complimentary set of 10 disposable face masks – in case any guests forget to bring one of their own, for example. No matter what the event looks like, the Pandemic Wedding Kit will have you well-prepared to preside over a successful ceremony.

This Pandemic Wedding Kit Comes With:

  • Your Ordination Certificate
  • Your Wallet Sized Ordination License
  • Two Standard Marriage Certificates
  • By The Power Vested In You Book
  • Disposable Masks 10 Pack
  • One Pair of Disposable Gloves
  • Your Choice in Color of a ULC Mask

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