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Pagan Blessing Bundle

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This bundle includes everything you might need to observe major Pagan holidays such as Samhain or Yule, or perform traditional rituals like a house blessing.

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Pagan Blessing Bundle Details

Whether you're looking to become more deeply in tune with holidays on the Pagan calendar like Samhain or Yule, or you're simply curious to learn more about Pagan and Wiccan practices such as house blessings, this kit is a great option.

The Pagan Blessing Bundle comes with a copy of The Pagan Book of Days, which covers the eight stations of the year (the solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter days) as well as numerous other key dates and notable events. This resource also features lunar and solar charts that show all major Pagan celebrations through 2033.

It also features a sage bundle, typically burned during rituals for a cleansing effect. Each candle included has unique properties, which are explained below.

The full Pagan Blessing Kit includes:

  • A copy of the Pagan Book of Days
  • A 2.5 inch sage bundle
  • (1) Mulberry Purple Candle – empowers and strengthens when burned.
  • (1) Aegean Blue Candle – calms and brings peace when burned.
  • (1) Monarch Orange Candle – enlivens and energizes when burned.

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