Bulletproof Faith

A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians

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Former pastor and journalist Candace Chellew-Hodge recounts her experiences as a gay Christian in her book, Bulletproof Faith.
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It is not uncommon for people to think of Christianity and the LGBT community as being opposed to one another, and that is certainly the case sometimes. What people can forget though, is that there are gay Christians, gay people that support the religion, and Christians that support gay people. She details the struggle of trying to nurture her faith in Christ while feeling not quite fully a member of either the gay community or of her faith group.

She offers spiritual "survival" tips in each chapter and comforts other people that may feel the conflict between their faith and sexual orientation. Chellew-Hodge offers a compassionate and realistic perspective full of love for both those in her position as well as detractors from both the church and the gay community. She still manages to hold firm against the wrongness of the abuse gay Christians face while forgiving the abusers; she does not naively dismiss the harm done.

This is not a book discussing possible Biblical interpretations of verses about love, marriage, and sex or societal norms. The author advocates Biblical literacy though refrains from accepting literalism. She offers a sensible approach to overcoming self-doubt of one's sexual orientation while still holding to Christianity.

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