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how to perform a wedding ceremony 2The Variations in How to Perform a Wedding Ceremony

When it comes to how to perform a wedding ceremony, there doesn't have to be a cookie cutter approach. Of course, whoever officiates at the ceremony will need to be ordained, which is what we do here at After ordination and receiving credentials of ministry, anyone can perform a wedding ceremony for those who need their services. The following shows some variations in the typical ceremony that can create a more unique approach for individuality on a wedding day.

The Opening

When the minister opens the ceremony he/she will typically begin with "Dearly beloved " and give the opening that is so often heard at weddings and on television shows. It will end in the request for any who object to the ceremony to speak up. A variation to that opening is something a little more relaxed and begins with "Friends " It concludes with the minister telling the audience that the couple will live their lives as one, rather than asking for objections.

The Giving in Marriage

This is a part of wedding ceremonies that is traditional, but is not always included anymore. It is basically a sign of respect to the bride's parents, ensuring that they give their child to be married to the groom. Sometimes permission is asked for, other times support is asked for, and in many situations, this step is left out all together.

The Vows

The vows that a couple makes have too many variations to count. Individuals typically write their own vows, which makes them completely unique and personal to the couple. Some may choose to find their vows online, or have a friend write them if they are not good with words. A couple may choose for something simple, humorous, very serious, or very traditional.

The Closing

With each individual couple comes individual style. The closing can be final words given by the minister, or it can be a song that is sung by a family member. Traditionally, the minister wraps it up, but variations also include poetry readings, prayers, or sanctioning of the marriage given by a parent.

As anyone can see, there are many variations for how to perform a wedding ceremony. If someone is interested in learning how to perform a wedding ceremony, they should understand that it doesn't have to be traditional or common, but can be as unique as the couple for which they are officiating.

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