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Wedding ceremonies are ancient traditions joining together the lives of two people who have chosen a partner to share memories, a family, and struggles with. While some couples may marry under the umbrella of religious traditions, scriptures, and clergy, others may prefer a ceremony based on secular beliefs. Many modern couples even ask friends or family members to perform their ceremony. These individuals must then take on the role of officiate and learn how to marry someone with the proper legal steps and vow exchanges. The following provides three simple steps for performing a legally binding and love filled wedding ceremony.

Become an Ordained Officiate

If a person has been asked to marry a couple but is not a minister, priest, rabbi, or other religious leader, one can become ordained through the Universal Life Church. After completing a simple online form and receiving confirmation, one can legally perform wedding ceremonies for friends, family and anyone needing an Officiant.

Understanding State Marriage Laws

Anyone performing a wedding ceremony and declaring a couple as married needs to understand the marriage laws of the state and even county where the wedding will take place. Some states may require the officiate to show the following:

  • Proof of their ordainment through their credentials.
  • A signed statement of ministry.
  • A letter of good standing.

Other states may not require any documentation, but it is important to make sure these legal matters are handled well in advance in order to alleviate any legal complications on the wedding day.

Planning for the Ceremony

While wedding ceremonies will vary from couple to couple, any wedding holding legality must include the Declaration of Intent, "Do you take this man or woman," and the answer of "I do." This binding exchange declares the commitment and love between the couple and holds legal power as well. Other aspects of the wedding such as music, poems or scripture to be read and the vows of marriage can be planned in accordance with the couples' wishes.

Individuals who still have questions about how to marry someone can contact the Universal Life Church about ordainment programs and products to help perform a wedding ceremony.

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