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Completing a Checklist GraphicWhen someone asks you to become a marriage officiant, it can bring about a sense of joy and pride. This request tends to carry a lot of weight and suggests that the couple loves and trusts you with such a crucial responsibility. If you’ve never taken on this task before, then you likely want to come to the table prepared. Conducting a bit of preliminary research on how to become an officiant, what your duties will be, and what to expect from the experience can provide you with invaluable perspective.

Use these tips to guide you through the experience of becoming an officiant. While it can seem daunting at first, it is comforting to know that the process is quite fast and straightforward when you know what you’re doing.

Talk to the Couple

Before you get the ball rolling on the process of seeking out a marriage officiant license, you have to talk to the couple. There are a few important reasons for this step. First, you need to know where the ceremony will be conducted. This matters because you will need to become an officiant in the state where the event will take place. Failing to do this could result in problems later with the license, so you need to check all of the right boxes when it comes to acquiring information. 

Beyond this, talking to the couple will help you get a feel for the flow and tone of the event. Since you’ll be the one doing most of the talking during the ceremony, you don’t want to come expecting a crowd of a certain disposition and be surprised when you’re not getting the responses you’d hoped for from the group. The couple will tell you whether or not to include jokes, how long to make your speech, and anything else that will play into the finished experience.

Start the Online Process

The beauty of becoming an ordained minister in the current day and age is that you can jump right on the internet and become a marriage officiant online. The experience is quick, but you should give yourself at least 15 minutes or so to complete the entire task. The Universal Life Church portal is going to ask for some basic information from you, specifically your name and the state in which you are looking to become a registered officiant. After going through the steps, you will be granted your status as a minister with the ULC.

Create the Script

The next most important step you need to tackle is writing the marriage officiant script. An online marriage officiant needs to create a script that includes a few vital points and encompasses the tone that the couple has requested. To gain insight into the most important beats of the ceremony, review templates that detail what a licensed officiant should include in his or her script. 

Acquire Proper Credentials 

Some states require that you prove you are licensed to marry as an officiant. To achieve this, you will need to showcase proper documentation. Ministers can receive online marriage officiant certification documents, like a license, through the ULC by purchasing the appropriate package. It is best to review the requirements of your state in advance so that you can purchase the package with enough time to spare. Should representatives of the county clerk’s office ask for these papers, you will have everything needed ready to go at a moment’s notice. 

Obtaining your marriage officiant license online can seem like a challenge, but the entire process is quite simple when you get a feel for what to expect. Review the basics and prepare yourself to take on this touching and important responsibility. 

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