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Minister License

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Ministers take care of people. The word derives from an old French word “menistrer”, meaning to serve. Ministers serve their communities in many capacities, but when presiding over legal ceremonies such as weddings a minister may need to be formally ordained and have a minister license for the marriage to be considered valid.

What Is a Licensed Minister?

A minister who is licensed has completed an ordination process with an active religious organization. Each church will have its own doctrine and mission that form the foundation of its official requirements for ordination. There are two primary paths to becoming a legally-recognized minister:

  • Ordination through an accredited theological program such as an undergraduate divinity degree
  • Ordination through an online process with a church or other religious organization

Why Get a License?

Licensed ministers are authorized to perform various religious rites such as baptisms, funerals, and other ceremonies. Most importantly, however, they also have the legal authority to perform weddings.

Some people get ordained because they feel a deep calling to get involved in their communities and help others. Others do it for a specific reason, such as officiating a friend or family member’s wedding. Since weddings are legal ceremonies, often a physical copy of the license is required when registering with marriage officials.

How Do I Get a Minister License?

Those who wish to get a minister license have several options, the easiest of which is to complete an online program with an accredited organization such as the ULC.

Unlike some organizations, a minister license from the ULC never expires. Complete the process once and enjoy a lifetime of benefits equal to those afforded to ministers of traditional religious organizations.

The ULC invites people of all spiritual backgrounds to join a worldwide network of ministers, united by the common goals of doing right in the world and promoting freedom of religion.