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Did You Know You Can Find Wedding Officiants for Free?

Free Wedding Officiants

Organizing a wedding is not just stressful and time-consuming, it can be pretty costly, as well. On top of the costs for venues, clothing, catering, and other matters, you also have to pay a fee to your wedding officiant. Whether they’re a priest, a justice of the peace or some other qualified official, their services typically come with a hefty fee. What if there was another way?

If you encourage a loved one to join the ULC, they can get ordained for free online. Not only will they likely waive any officiant fee, but that person will also take on the important role of legally ordained minister for your ceremony. What could be more meaningful than that?

What Is Required of Them?

Simply provide your name and email address, set up a password, and you’re instantly ordained. The ULC is:

  • A trusted organization that’s been in operation for decades
  • Non-denominational and non-traditional, allowing for complete freedom of religious expression
  • Committed to respect and wellness for all
  • Dedicated to doing good by others
  • Available to provide resources, training, and supplies for newly ordained ministers

This means that any person of any faith can become a ULC minister. This provides an immense amount of flexibility when finding someone to become your free wedding officiant. Choose someone who’s for you – not just another “expert” with a large price tag. Let the ULC support you in achieving harmony with your loved ones and create indelible memories on your wedding day.