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Louisiana Wedding Laws

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Many happily married or engaged couples consider a life of love together to be the ultimate party, and the folks in Louisiana know a thing or two about great parties. As with anything, details matter, and no matter where you are in the Bayou State, there are specific regulations that you need to pay attention to regarding marriage. At the Universal Life Church, we’re here to help you help engaged couples “let the good times roll” or laissez les bon temps rouler. We’ve put together a handy, straightforward step-by-step guide to help you interpret Louisiana’s marriage rules and regulations for a marriage that is fully compliant.

How to Become a Wedding Officiant in Louisiana

Min. Age of Minister:
Age 18
Not Required
Document(s) Required:
Varies by City
Online Ordination Recognized:
Relevant Office of Registration:
Clerk of Courts
Latest Document(s) Submission Date Allowed:
Before the Ceremony
Minister I.D. # Issued:

Within Louisiana, the following people can legally marry a couple:

  • State judges
  • Justices of the peace
  • Priests
  • Ministers
  • Rabbis
  • Clerks of the Religious Society of Friends
  • Clergy of a religious sect who are at least 18 years old

Other officiants outside of this list must file an affidavit that includes their legal name, denomination and address with the clerk of court in the parish where the ceremony will be performed beforehand. Any ministers ordained through the Universal Life Church online are considered to be religious actors as per the law. It is strongly recommended that you have your ordainment credentials available to furnish to county officials upon request.

Getting Married in Louisiana

Marriage By Proxy Allowed:
Minister Required to be Present:
Number of Witnesses Required:
Min. Age of Witnesses:
Couple's Consent Required:
Pronouncement Required:

Any formal wedding ceremony within the state of Louisiana requires the presence of both parties of the couple. The ceremony must be officiated by a qualified third party with two adult witnesses present. Both individuals must give their formal consent to marry one another.

The state has no further restrictions for couples and ministers when it comes to belief systems, cultural traditions or other ceremonial preferences.

How to Get a Louisiana Marriage License

Who Picks Up License:
The Couple
Where License is Valid:
Any Parish in Louisiana
Marriage License Pick-Up:
In Person Only
Cost of License:
Varies by County
Accepted I.D. Types:
Government Issued ID and Birth Certificate
Proof of Divorce Required (If Applicable):
Blood Test Required:

Couples who want to say “I do” in the Bayou State can complete a written application for a marriage license that needs to be signed by either a notary public, a deputy clerk, or deputy registrar in any parish, irrespective of where the couple plans to live or to be wed.

The application should include the following details for each party:

  • Complete name
  • Race
  • Residence
  • Age
  • Social Security number
  • Names of both parents
  • List of former marriages
  • Knowledge of potential blood relations between the couple

Both people must affirm that they can be legally married and that they haven’t knowingly provided false information. Birth certificates and government IDs are necessary for verification. For applicants under the age of 18, written proof of consent must be provided, as well as proof of divorce, if applicable.

If warranted, couples can both apply at different times as long as each person completes the application in the presence of a notary and affirms that the information provided is true. Exceptions can be made for members of the U.S. military with the appropriate ID, as well as couples who have provided good cause to a judge. In these situations, one party is allowed to complete the application and sign for a fiancé or fiancée.

Parishes set the fee for a marriage license, but applicants should plan to spend between $20 and $40.

Applying For a Marriage License in Louisiana

ULC-Officiated Ceremony Type:
Mandatory Waiting Period:
24 Hours
License Valid For:
30 Days
License Must Be Submitted:
Within 10 Days of Ceremony

In the Bayou State, an officiant or minister may not marry a couple until 24 hours after issuance of the marriage license. The maximum number of days between license issuance and the marriage ceremony is 30. At that point, the license will expire and a marriage ceremony performed after 30 days will be considered null and void.

It is extremely important that you follow up with the marriage license after the ceremony. You have 10 days to complete and return the signed marriage certificates and original license to the same court official who issued it. Failure to do so may result in fines as well as being permanently banned from marrying more couples within the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana Marriage Requirements

Min. Age of Couple:
Age 18 with Age-Gap Restrictions for Minors
Not Required
Min. Distance of Kin Allowed:
Second Cousins
Marriage Equality:

In Louisiana, no more than two people who are 18 years or older can legally marry. Minors are generally not allowed to marry, with the exception of those who are 16 or 17 years old with partners who are no more than three years older.

Louisiana forbids marriage between a parent and a child as well as relatives who are closer than second cousins or first cousins once removed. These laws apply to said family relations by blood or those created through adoption.

The state of Louisiana allows the marriage of same-sex couples as well as those of non-residents.

Finalizing the Union

Officiant's Title on Marriage License:
Church/Ordaining Body:
Universal Life Church Ministries
Address of Church:
Minister's Home Address

In the Bayou State, the burden of compliance with rules and regulations is placed primarily on the marriage officiant. This goes beyond the actual ceremony itself.

As the wedding officiant, you’re responsible for completing any and all parts of the forms provided by the Department of Children and Family Services. Be sure to note the date and location of the wedding ceremony. You are also required to file two signed copies of the marriage certificates with the court clerk who issued the license within 10 days of the ceremony. A first violation will lead to a fine of $20. Subsequent fines are $50 and $100. After a third violation, you’ll be prohibited from performing marriage ceremonies within state borders. Do you and your couples a favor by making sure to file forms correctly and on time.

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