1. How to Become a Minister in El Paso

Your first move will be to fill out an ordination application and become a minister! (Note: you can skip this part if you've already signed up). Ordination from Get Ordained™ is provided via the Universal Life Church, an organization that ordains people from all walks of life – for free – online! The ULC welcomes anyone who feels so-called to join its ministry. Best of all? The entire application can be completed in just a few minutes. Once your application is processed, you'll be granted the authority to officiate legal wedding ceremonies! To get started, please click the button below.

Important Info for Ministers in El Paso

ULC Ordination Accepted:
Minister Registration Required:
Documents Required:
Minister's Residency:
Minister's Minimum Age:

2. Learn El Paso Marriage Requirements

After getting ordained, it's time to contact the office that handles marriage licenses in El Paso. Kindly inform them that you’re an ordained minister and you'd like to inquire about what types of credentials or other documents they require from wedding officiants before performing a wedding. They should be able to walk you through the process and explain any local rules or regulations that apply. Please find contact information for the office in El Paso below.

Office Address:
500 E San Antonio Ave #105
El Paso, TX 79901
Office Phone Number:
(915) 546-2071
Office Website:
El Paso Office Website

3. Who Can Officiate a Wedding in El Paso?

The answer is anyone, including you! (So long as you get ordained first). Weddings aren't exactly known for being easy on one's bank account, but one increasingly common strategy couples are using to cut costs and further personalize their ceremony is to ask someone they know – like a friend or loved one – to officiate.

Being asked to perform a wedding is a great honor. Not only will you be presiding over the formation of a new union, but serving this important role also illustrates a deep bond of trust and love between yourself and the couple. The thing is, not everyone knows it's possible to personalize the ceremony this way! If you're close with two people who are planning to marry, you could always toss out the idea of officiating their ceremony in case they aren't aware of this option.

Average Cost of a Wedding in El Paso:

4. What You'll Need to Officiate in El Paso

The office issuing marriage licenses in El Paso should be able to clarify what, specifically, you'll need to order. A popular item in El Paso is the Classic Wedding Kit, although what you order might change depending on the office's particular needs.

With most of the legal stuff out of the way, it's time to officiate the wedding! If you've never performed a wedding before, or it's been a while and you need a brief refresher, consider taking a look at our wedding training center, home to all of the tools you'll need to perform the wedding of a lifetime.

5. How El Paso Marriage Licenses Work

Once the wedding ceremony is finished, you and the couple have one last important responsibility: signing and returning the marriage license. The marriage license is valid for 90 days in El Paso, and once it has been picked up there is a mandatory 3-day waiting period (waived with marital counseling) before the wedding can actually take place. Remember, the marriage license has to be returned within the time limit set by the issuing office, so don't delay!

Additionally, it's worth double-checking that it has been filled our properly before returning it. This is a legal document, so you'll want to take the time to ensure there are no errors. If you need assistance on how to fill out the marriage license, please take a look at our marriage license training page for in-depth guidance.

Marriage License Waiting Period:
3 Days (Waived with marital counseling)
Marriage License Valid For:
90 Days
Return Within:
30 Days

6. Performing a Wedding in El Paso

Any couple choosing to get married in El Paso is in for a real treat. Many know El Paso as home to the largest public university, University of Texas - El Paso, and home of the El Paso Sun City Pride event, the largest annual LGBTQ+ event in the region. This locale is steeped in culture and offers no shortage of music festivals, art museums, and cultural events. Folks will find equally beautiful wedding venues in El Paso, that prove to be much more affordable than the average venues in larger metropolitan areas in Texas.

7. What You Should Do Now for a Wedding in El Paso

Highest temperatures hit this region earlier in the summer, around mid-June, with rainy, humid days peaking in early August.

Now that you know all the little details about officiating weddings in El Paso, don't forget to actually sign up as an ordained minister with the ULC! All you have to do is click on the button below and you'll be on your way to officiating weddings in no time!

Now that you're ordained, you can go perform completely legal wedding ceremonies in El Paso!