1. How to Become a Minister in Salem

Before you do anything, your first move will be to become ordained (in case you haven't already done so). How does it work? Get Ordained™ offers legal ordination via the Universal Life Church, and the process is completely free. The ULC welcomes anyone who feels called to ministry, and does not discriminate based on identity, creed, or any other characteristics. You can become ordained online in just a few minutes, right from your device. With this important step complete, you'll have the power to officiate legal weddings! To start the application, follow the link below.

Important Info for Ministers in Salem

ULC Ordination Accepted:
Minister Registration Required:
Documents Required:
Minister's Residency:
Minister's Minimum Age:

2. Learn Salem Marriage Requirements

Your next action item is to contact the office in charge of issuing marriage licenses in Salem. Politely explain that you're an ordained minister planning to perform a wedding ceremony in their jurisdiction, and you'd like to know what credentials or official documents you need to show prior to officiating. Below you'll see contact information for this office in Salem.

Office Address:
555 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97301
Office Phone Number:
(503) 588-5225
Office Website:
Salem Office Website

3. Who Can Officiate a Wedding in Salem?

How about you! (Once you are ordained, of course). Weddings have a reputation for being pretty spendy, and couples are always looking for ways to reduce costs. One way to do that, while also injecting extra meaning to the proceedings, is by selecting someone they know personally to officiate. This could be a friend, a loved one, or even a mentor.

Regardless of your relationship to the couple, being asked to officiate is a tremendous honor. It shows that the couple has deep trust in you, and that they find confidence in having you standing alongside them on the big day. It's worth noting, however, that not everyone planning a wedding knows this is an option! If you are close to an engaged couple, you could always present the idea of you becoming ordained and officiating, just in case it hadn't occurred to them.

Average Cost of a Wedding in Salem:

4. What You'll Need to Officiate in Salem

After contacting the Salem office that handles marriages, you should have a solid idea of what you will need to order from our website. Based on conversations with our ministers in Salem, the Classic Wedding Kit is the most popular option. However, your selection may depend on the specific requirements for officiating in your area.

Once you receive the items you need, you'll be ready to officially perform the wedding! If it's your first time officiating, (or even if it's not!) we'd encourage you to visit our wedding training center, which features a suite of resources and tools you may find helpful when preparing for the ceremony.

5. How Salem Marriage Licenses Work

Once you finish the ceremony, your final (and most crucial) responsibility is to correctly fill out and return the marriage license. A Salem marriage license is valid for 60 days, and after the document has been issued, there is a mandatory 3-day waiting period before the marriage can take place. Please note that a marriage license in Salem must be returned to its issuing office before it expires.

Remember that this is a legal document, so always double-check all fields have been properly completed before returning it. The license itself can be a bit confusing, so if you need tips for how to fill out a marriage license, please check out our marriage license training page.

Marriage License Waiting Period:
3 Days
Marriage License Valid For:
60 Days
Return Within:
5 Days

6. Performing a Wedding in Salem

One of the smaller cities in Oregon, Salem is located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and is the state's capital! Sitting right on the river, Salem is big on breweries and wineries. Taking advantage of the farm lands around it in Marion County, Salem also has access to fresh produce, seafood, and meats that folks get to serve at the wedding ceremony. Salem focuses on doing the basics right and making sure that couples and their guests are taken care of from start to finish on the special day!

7. What You Should Do Now for a Wedding in Salem

Rainy season runs from November to April, so take advantage of the few months that Salem that are dry and lush!

Well that about does it! You are now an expert on Salem weddings! Even if your ceremony isn't for a while, a friendly reminder that it's never too early to become a minister (ordination is good for life, after all). Go ahead and click the button below to get started.

Once you've completed this all-important step, performing a legal wedding ceremony in Salem will be within your reach!