1. How to Become a Minister in DuPage County

The first step you’ll need to take is to become an ordained ULC minister (assuming you haven’t completed this part already). Get Ordained™ provides ordination through the Universal Life Church free of charge and welcomes all who feel called to ministry. It’s also easy to join; the process can be done entirely online and takes only a few minutes from start to finish. Once ordained, you’ll have the authority to perform legal marriage ceremonies! To begin, just click the button below.

Important Info for Ministers in DuPage County

ULC Ordination Accepted:
Minister Registration Required:
Documents Required:
Minister's Residency:
Minister's Minimum Age:

2. Learn DuPage County Marriage Requirements

Your next step will be to reach out to the office that processes marriage licenses in DuPage County. Let them know that you’re an ordained minister and that you’re curious about what documents or credentials they need to see from you, as the wedding officiant, before performing a ceremony in their jurisdiction. You’ll find contact information for the DuPage County office listed below.

Office Address:
421 N. County Farm Road
Wheaton, IL 60187
Office Phone Number:
(630) 407-6500

3. Who Can Officiate a Wedding in DuPage County?

One great candidate: You! (At least, as soon as you are ordained). We all know that weddings are notoriously spendy, but one way that couples are reducing their costs – and bringing deeper meaning to the event – is by choosing an officiant they know personally.

For loved ones who are asked to officiate, this is an incredible honor; serving in the role of officiant signifies a deep level of faith and trust between you and the couple. But not all couples are aware this is an option! If someone you love has an upcoming wedding, you might offer to preside over the ceremony as an ordained minister in case they hadn't considered it. In the end, the decision will of course be theirs.

Average Cost of a Wedding in DuPage County:

4. What You'll Need to Officiate in DuPage County

After speaking with the office in DuPage County, you should have a clearer idea of what you might need to order from our online catalog. Many of our ministers in DuPage County decide to get an Ordination Kit, though your choice may vary based on the specific requirements in place.

With all that prep work out of the way, you’ll be set to officiate the wedding! Woohoo! If this is your first time performing a wedding (or you just want to brush up on your knowledge) head over to our wedding training center, where you’ll find all sorts of useful tools and resources.

5. How DuPage County Marriage Licenses Work

After the ceremony is over, your last (and vital) responsibility will be to sign and return the marriage license. In DuPage County, a marriage license is valid for 60 days. Once it has been picked up, there is a mandatory one-day waiting period before the wedding ceremony may be performed. Please keep in mind that the license must be returned within the prescribed period after signing.

This is a legal document, so please double-check that it is correctly filled out before returning it to the office that issued it. For detailed instructions on how to fill out a marriage license, visit our marriage license training page.

Marriage License Waiting Period:
1 Day
Marriage License Valid For:
60 Days
Return Within:
By Expiration

6. Performing a Wedding in DuPage County

DuPage County is a charming bounty of natural beauty. Couples can take a romantic stroll along the Naperville riverwalk and stop by buildings and museums that celebrate the locale's history as a 19th-century pioneer outpost. Attendees can also pose for pictures in front of the iconic Moser Tower and its Millennium Carillon, or out by the Warrenville Grove Forest Preserve.

7. What You Should Do Now for a Wedding in DuPage County

Be prepared to really experience the seasons here with hot sunny summers and cold and snowy winters.

Now that you know everything there is to know about DuPage County weddings, don’t forget to take that all-important first step in this process by officially becoming ordained with the ULC! Click the button below to get the ball rolling.

Once ordained, you’ll be well on your way to performing legal wedding ceremonies in DuPage County!