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Bride and groom pouring salt to symbolize unity at wedding

Salt Ceremony Wedding Script

  • 12 Minute Ceremony

A wedding is the joining of two people who have decided to commit themselves to each other in both a legal and spiritual sense. A perfect way to achieve this is with a salt ceremony. Use this template to craft the perfect salt wedding from beginning to end.

Introduction/Welcome/Wedding Sermon

Officiant (to guests):

It is with great pleasure that I welcome family and friends here today as we prepare to witness the joining of _______________ and _______________.

Officiant (to couple):

_______________ and _______________, all of those who love and support you are here as you plan to take this next step together. Just as salt is composed of thousands of little grains, so does the collection of people here help to add meaning to your life.


[The reading for a salt wedding can cover whatever topic you think is most fitting. For some, a reading related to the joining of two lives as one may be fitting. However, you can also go in a very literal direction. This example is from the famed poet Pablo Neruda, and is taken from his clever work “Ode to Salt.”]

Officiant (to guests):

The couple has selected an appropriate reading for this special day. I now ask the person who will be delivering the text to step forward.

In its caves

The salt moans, mountain

Of buried light,

Translucent cathedral,

Crystal of the sea, oblivion

Of the waves.

And then on every table

In the world,


We see your piquant



Vital light


Our food. Preserver

Of the ancient

Holds of ships,



The high seas,



Of the unknown, shifting

Byways of the foam.

Dust of the sea, in you

The tongue receives a kiss

From ocean night:

Taste imparts to every seasoned

Dish your ocean essence;

The smallest,


Wave from the saltcellar

Reveals to us

More than domestic whiteness;

In it, we taste infinitude.

- “Ode to Salt,” Pablo Neruda

Declaration of Intent

Officiant (to couple):

It is now time for _______________ and _______________ to join hands. I ask you to turn to each other and speak in voices that are loud enough for all gathered here to hear. I ask you to respond to my question with “I do” if you agree. ________________, do you agree to take _______________ to be your partner in life and in law?

Partner 1:

I do.

Officiant (to Partner 2):

_______________, I now ask if you take _______________ to be yours in legal matrimony?

Partner 2:

I do.

Exchanging of Vows

[At some point before or around the vows there will be a moment for the joining of salt. This tradition is what makes the ceremony a salt wedding. It can happen before the vows, or even during the vows if that works for the flow of your event. If you choose to write your own vows, be sure to speak from the heart. The template here is merely a guide to work from.]


The couple has prepared vows that they would like to now read to one another. _______________ I ask you to step forward and speak the words to _______________ for all to hear.

Partner 1:

_______________, you are the love of my life. Over the years we have spent together, I have learned how to love in new ways. I will stand by your side as your partner no matter what the rest of our lives may have in store.


I now ask _______________ to share your vows with _______________.

Partner 2:

_______________, everything about you is perfect. I love the journey we have taken so far, and I look forward to each step that is in store. With you by my side, I can accomplish everything I set my mind and heart on.

Exchanging of Rings

[Your ceremony might have both an exchange of rings and a salt joining, or you may focus solely on one of the actions. The suggestions here for the exchange of rings act as the promise of commitment between the couple, which is the core of the tradition. As long as this is expressed, you can feel free to use whatever ritual works best.]

Officiant (to couple):

It is now time for the couple to show their devotion to one another by exchanging rings. I ask that the rings be brought to the couple, who will turn to each other and repeat the words that I will now speak. _______________ you may place the ring on _______________’s finger now and repeat the following: “With this ring, I devote my life to you and promise my commitment.”

Partner 1:

“With this ring, I devote my life to you and promise my commitment.”

Officiant (to Partner 2):

Now I ask _______________ to place your ring on _______________’s finger and say the same: “With this ring, I devote my life to you and promise my commitment.”

Partner 2:

“With this ring, I devote my life to you and promise my commitment.”


Officiant (to couple):

It is clear to all who have gathered today that _______________ and _______________ have come here of their own volition. It is with great pleasure that I welcome the new couple to the world. By the power vested in me by the Universal Life Church Ministries, I now pronounce you officially married. Share a kiss and go forth!

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