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Offbeat bride and groom pouring pink sand together

Offbeat Wedding Script

  • 12 Minute Ceremony

Not all wedding ceremonies have to be so buttoned-up. For couples who are just a bit off the beaten path, this unconventional wedding script will keep the big day lighthearted, yet still romantic and meaningful.


OFFICIANT (to congregation):

Please remain standing and join arms with the person on either side of you. If you are in an aisle, reach forward and place your hand on the person’s back in front of you.

The energy here today is undeniable. We are joining two families, so very different yet tenderly similar, as one with the marriage of _________ and _________. This is a special occasion for everyone here - each one of us has rooted for these two to make it to this wonderful place. As they stand before you, locked in arms with everyone who has supported them on their journey, we can surely feel the love.

Before you sit, I ask that everyone close their eyes to send a well-wish or a prayer up to the bride and groom. Please take just a moment.

Thank you. You may be seated.

Love is nothing without work. We know this, because we cherish and value the things we work hard for. Marriage is no exception.

_________ and _________ have time and again demonstrated their commitment to one another through hard work, communication, compassion, and tenderness. We know that they will approach marriage with the care and attention it deserves. Today, we bestow upon them the gift of opportunity: to create a lifetime of love.

Affirmation of Support

OFFICIANT (to couple):

_________ and _________, are you ready to get married?


Will the parents of the couple please step forward?

The parents of _________ (_________ and _________) are joined by the parents of _________ (_________ and _________)

Do you offer your blessings, love, and enduring strength to the couple standing before you?


Do you promise to accept your in-laws as your own, for better and for worse, out of support for this couple?


Thank you, you may be seated. Without further ado - let’s begin.

Declaration of Intent

OFFICIANT (to congregation):

_________ and _________ will now share their written vows.

_________, you may go first.

(If the couple has written their own vows, they may share those. If not, the following may be used)


_________, I have never felt so much myself as I do when I’m with you. You have truly highlighted my life. On this day, I vow to do everything I can to make you feel as wonderful as I’ve felt with you. I vow to make you laugh as your best friend. I vow to be there for you as your support. I cannot wait to build a future with you as my husband/wife/partner.

OFFICIANT (to _________):

_________, please share with us what you’ve written for _________.


_________, words cannot explain how your presence has impacted my life. I will try anyway. From the beginning, you have loved me exactly as I am. You have let me grow and evolve in my own ways, with patience and kindness. You have shown me what it means to be a tremendous human being. _________, today I take you as my husband/wife/partner, but I will work a lifetime to show you how you mean more to me than any word. I love you.

OFFICIANT (to _________):

_________, do you take _________ to be your husband/wife/partner?

_________: I do.

OFFICIANT (to _________):

And _________, do you take _________ to be your husband/wife/partner?

_________: I do.

Ring Exchange

OFFICIANT (to couple):

Wonderful. We will now exchange rings.

After you slip the rings on each other’s fingers, please clasp hands. It is in this moment that your marriage is nearly accomplished. This moment comes but once in a lifetime. Take one another in, and bask in the moment as we are in it.

(Couple exchanges rings)

OFFICIANT (to couple):

Okay, I won’t make you wait any longer!


OFFICIANT (to congregation):

It is now my joyous privilege, before everyone gathered today, to present for the first time as a married couple, ________ and _________!

You may now kiss!