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Queen Kimberly Quest

Queen Kimberly Quest, ULC Minister


Long Beach, CA 90803


+1 (562) 725-5130


1 year, 3 months

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Payments Accepted

Other, Cash, Check, Money Order, Amazon Payments, Creditcall, PayPal

Travel Range

140 miles

About Me:

Have the most unique and meaningful "Real Vows" ceremony. Great for extroverts and introverts; fans of Harry Potter, Narnia, and LOTR style events. All aspects customized.

Includes pre-event personality style test with couple analysis using a treasure map of Personality-Ville.

Queen Kimberly Quest is the founder and current reigning Queen Mother of a new personality style business that has four kingdoms: Each kingdom represents a type of personality style. It's like Myers-Briggs meets LOTR. Four heroes rule together from the Royal Cottage, Observatory, Circus, or Castle. For business, education, and personal use, Personality-Ville Clubs are an all-inclusive social and learning society that celebrates all types of personality styles. Based on musical components, like a song of four-part harmony, each kingdom is needed.

Sample Vows: Real Vows like, Groom (extrovert) "I promise to not make you do things my way all the time. I promise to cherish your need to replenish your Energy Coins by being alone. I promise to be by your side and am silent, while you pause and think before you speak. I fully accept that you are not like me and that's a great thing, as you complete me and I love you and your differences. But most importantly, I have seen your Dragon of Defect come out under stress, and I fully accept you in all of your wonderful ways, in front of all who attend for today, and every day, until I die."

Queen Kimberly customizes each ceremony with wording from the personality test that the bride and groom take before hand. The ceremony emphasizes each kingdom's strengths, and in a light-hearted fun way, talks about the Dragons that may come out under pressure during the marriage. (More in depth counseling/analysis is available.)

Full theme decoration with each kingdom's full-color banners, ancient treasure map, and cosplay actors are available upon request.

Short Bio: Queen Kimberly's background includes: speaker, youth minister, author, counselor, actor, game designer, teacher, tutor, and the creator of over 16 characters for her Personality-Ville Personality Kingdoms.

Go to: for more information.

Religious Affiliations

Christianity, New Age, New Thought, Protestantism, Unitarian Universalism, Universal Life Church, Other

Types of Service Offered

Marriages, Same-Sex Marriages, Renewal of Vows, Funerals, House Blessings

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