Priestess Noel Ann McCreary (Christian )

Priestess Noel Ann McCreary (Christian ), ULC Minister


10 months

Service Fee


Payments Accepted

Cash, PayPal

Travel Range

405 miles

About Me:

I used this ordination to go to seminary school and open my own ministry. I have been formally educated via Online and earned several college certificates via Yale, and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Certificates include Overview of New Testament, Christ Centered Exposition, Christian Theology, and Theology & Culture), via Yale, so far I have received a certificate in Christianity and Ecology, I developed my own "Christ Consciousness" Tarot Ritual, With the education of a CPD Certified Tarot Reading Diploma behind it, said ritual is a way to do Tarot without Dishonoring Jesus, doing spell work, communing with the dead, or acknowledging other deities. I also passed and earned several student awards for the Christian Leadership Institute (Entrance Exams, Christian Leaders Connection Test,and Christian Basics), And became certified via TBP, in art of Biblical words. My church the "Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle " is also as of the 24th of April, 2024, a registered and certified Independent Church charter of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries. I am a Christian but also open to performing secular services. I am also recognized by the American Marriage Ministry. And I own and operate 'The Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle ' And am Ordained via that church as well.(Declared with the IRS) physically located in Washington state and with sermons and instructional videos available online. Update as of April 29th 2024 I formally passed and received my Certificate of completion from The All Peoples Church Bible College,  Formally studying and being trained academically in the Pablo Bottari ten steps to Deliverance Exorcism method. - Priestess Noel-Ann McCreary

I am ordained by four seperate entities,

. Universal Life Church Monastery

. American Marriage Ministry

.Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries

. and My own Church 'The Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle ' which is registered with the IRS and backed by my legal minister status and my proof of studies (both secular and religious, seminary studies. ) My secularly recognized professional credentials are, My four Certificates of Course completion via Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, My church's status as a Religious organization, My legal ordainment via Universal Life Church Monastery and American Marriage Ministry, my Yale Certificate in Christianity and Ecology, and my CPD certified Diploma in Tarot Reading. My Religiously recognized credentials are also my same four Certificates of course completion via SEBTS, my three awards through Christian Leadership Institute (Recignized by Presbyterian faiths), My ordainment via my own church's calling to GOD, my registration with Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries (an international Non denominational christian association of ministers and churches), my Certification in Art of Biblical words (via the Bible project), my Certificate of Salvation via Embassies of Christ, and my Certificate of completion in The Pablo Bottari Exorcism method via APC Bible College.

Religious Affiliations

Baptists, Christianity, Lutheranism, Pentecostalism, Protestantism, Spiritualism, Universal Life Church

Types of Service Offered

Marriages, Same-Sex Marriages, Renewal of Vows, Handfastings, Baptisms, Funerals, Christenings, House Blessings, Exorcisms, Spiritual Healing, General Ministry, Spiritual Guidance