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John MDiv

John MDiv, ULC Minister

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About Me:

I am an ordained minister by the Universal Life Church.i prepare online church services as part time minister. I have my Christian faith since i was teenager back then 2005 when i was only 15 yrs old. My life quest and experiences through many christian denomination and religion is not permanent in one group now I found my self for the call in His Ministry in my own space and time even now that iam already 31 yrs of age this distance communication with the help of internet can quickly meet the opportunity to serve. I agreed that this Universal Life Church will help me to reach many people across different sect of religions and christian denomination and impart to them the truth, but this instant ordaining to me as Minister through modern platform media last August 16,2022 is discovering my life as channel to this modern era i answer the call of ministry now while i commit my self to grow on study and learn about all walks of life and view of other religions we can all know that Creator of us put us wisdom from the different sources of spiritual life.

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Baptisms, Exorcisms, Spritual Healing, General Ministry, Spiritual Guidance