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I am not here to be hired or recognized. Neither do I want attention just to get your attention.I do not believe in marrying people especially since it is no longer the holy matrimony between a man and woman. However I will bury you. I am here to to teach others that about the many people in my life who have given me hope when their was none. Who have given me water when I was thirsty, and those who have walked with me through my darkest hours and still yet the ones who are helping me return to the light because the darkness, well, it is so very dark.

I urge you brothers and sisters to read these verses, if you are a true Believer you will know them very easily and recognize their significance. Take care to all whom dare to believe in a world that is persecuting those who share my faith. All are welcome here and so is my church also which has been put down as a cult, which is absolutely incorrect. We are a group of people who have wandered the world for a long time and are ready to finally go.

I chose to be called the Scarlett Letter because I was accused by many of that after being married to a man who failed to tell me some very important things. He then ran away in the middle of the night with my children after forcing me to work in strip clubs. I will never be responsible for marrying anyone to that kind of a person.However as a true victim I do believe that that I have changed and I am FORGIVEN. I am a felon but I hold steadfast in my knowledge that Jesus disciples were criminals - not perfect people. People who knew their sins, accepted them, and bear the scars as a living reminder. I hope no more women or men have to bear the scars we do at the hands of people playing God. However I will do whatever I CAN to help those who have suffered and changed by either burying them or finding an appropriate person free of charge. Nobody can judge but God and everyone deserves a proper burial despite their sins.

If you need further guidance to select your versers I challenge you to use BibleHub it translates in every version.

Okay, my 4 verses for ya'll to ponder:

Romans 3:23 1 John 4:16 James 2:2-5 Hebrew 13:2

P.S. They Do not recognize my religion here and will not allow me to enter the name so for everyone's soul I would proudly like to announce that I am from a lot of different religions but I believe in the CHURCH OF. CHRIST

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