Ronan Jay Alexander Francis Emery

Ronan Jay Alexander Francis Emery, ULC Minister  on

Service Fee


Payments Accepted

Cash, PayPal

Travel Range

5 miles

About Me:

I am Open minded, poetic and friendly. I have autism so I won't ruin your event. I do have a slight stutter but is controlled when reading a script.

Part of the lgbt+ community, semetic pagan, nordic and British. I did this to help those refused by my local churches. Don't be scared of me, I'm more scared of you.

Religious Affiliations

Asatru, Atheism, Church of Satan, Druidism, Judaism, Neopaganism, Norse Religion, Satanism, Universal Life Church, Wicca

Types of Service Offered

Same-Sex Marriages, Handfastings, House Blessings