Harlann Clifton Stewart- Kylanimgmt Consulting

Ordained: February 10, 2019

Harlann Clifton Stewart- Kylanimgmt Consulting, ULC Minister  on www.ulc.org


2401 Hamble Ln
Modesto, CA 95354


(408) 430-3086


230 months

Service Fee


Payments Accepted


Travel Range

1000 miles

About Me:

Hello, my name is Harlann Stewart, locally, Nationally, and gratefully now, Internationally known as CE7ENTHAPOET of Y2KASSOCIATES, KYLANIMGMT, and NXXTLVL/BMG. I am a Writer/Poet/Minister/former inmate/(and) Executive Men's Advisory Council (representative) within the California Youth Authority/California Department of Corrections since 1989, recently released, who over the years serving, have written 1,200+ authentic original works of poetry, commentary on the future of the Arts in prison population, and my bible study notes to assist others. I am working to create, self-publish, promote, manage, and distribute works of Poetry and many other administrative assisted management solutions for those former, current, and rehabilitated citizens who lack the resources upon release in the areas of Poetry and Creative Writing, or Event Coordination/Promotions. I am a hard worker asking for assistance to create a positive writing environment for other Poet's and Writer's, and those unable to coordinate and manage their work while acclamating back into society.

Would like to create, be self sufficient, grow, manage and publish/self-distribute my and other former inmates works of positive poetry and stories, commentaries

Religious Affiliations

Ahmadiyya, Aladura, Amish, Anglicanism, Asatru, Assemblies of God, Atheism, Baha'i Faith, Baptists, Bon, Buddhism, Candomble, Cao Dai, Cathari, Catholicism, Charismatic movement, Chinese Religion, Christadelphians, Christian Science, Christianity, Church of God, Church of God in Christ, Church of Satan, Confucianism, Conservative Judaism, Deism, Donatism, Dragon Rouge, Eastern Orthodox Church, Eckankar, ELCA, Epicureanism, Evangelicalism, Falun Gong, Foursquare Church, Gnosticism, Greek Religion, Hare Krishna, Hasidism, Hellenic Reconstructionism, Hinduism, Illuminati, Intelligent Design, Islam, Jainism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Judaism, Kabbalah, Kemetic Reconstructionism, Lutheranism, Mahayana Buddhism, Mayan Religion, Methodism, Mithraism, Mormonism, Nation of Islam, Neopaganism, Neoplatonism, New Age, New Thought, Nichiren, Norse Religion, Olmec Religion, Oneness Pentecostalism, Orthodox Judaism, Pentecostalism, Presbyterianism, Priory of Sion, Protestantism, Pure Land Buddhism, Quakers, Rastafarianism, Reform Judaism, Rinzai Zen Buddhism, Roman Religion, Satanism, Scientology, Seventh-Day Adventism, Shaivism, Shi'a Islam, Shinto, Sikhism, Soto Zen Buddhism, Spiritualism, Stoicism, Sufism, Sunni Islam, Taoism, Tendai Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Typhonian Order, Umbanda, Unification Church, Unitarian Universalism, Universal Life Church, Vaishnavism, Vajrayana Buddhism, Vedanta, Vineyard Churches, Voodoo, Wicca, Worldwide Church of God, Yezidi, Zen, Zionism, Zoroastrianism, Other, None

Types of Service Offered

Marriages, Same-Sex Marriages, Renewal of Vows, Handfastings, Baptisms, Funerals, Christenings, House Blessings, Exorcisms