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Spirituality In What We Make Of It - A sermon by Helen H, 1/19/2011

When we think of spirituality we sometimes place it with religion. And if you are a religious person, chances are you are spiritual. Let's break spirituality down more into pieces. Think of spirituality as a hat or even umbrella. The covering or top of the umbrella or hat is spirituality and whats under the umbrella as religion. Human beings have that need to connect with and have belief in a higher power. Within that belief comes hope which we all hold on to from time to time throughout our life. And without that, without the hope, what would that live us with?

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We as human beings have needs. And sometimes we overlook the spiritual needs with the more superficial ones. When these needs are overlooked, you suffer from spiritual distress. Everyone has went through this at some point even if it wasn't recognized as that. And when those needs are left unattended, that is where the depression comes into play. In order to get rid of the low feeling, you must address your spiritual needs one at a time, regardless of what your beliefs are. As each need is addressed, enjoy it, bask in that overwhelming sensation, and learn from it as you grow spiritually.

At some point within your life you will come to the crossroads of asking yourself, what is my purpose? Why am I here? That is something that may even surface a few times within your lifetime. People usually find the meaning of life within the current events that surrounds them. As people grow older, the current events change or shift just as human beings do. And even if the meaning of life may not be visible for some time doesn't mean it will not surface. The reason for that spirituality and well being is having the bravery to ask those questions and really listening for the answers that follow.

When people feel like they have a purpose, a reason for existence they can face every day head on despite the challenges that they may face. This is where the phrase “there is no mountain high enough” comes from. With that purpose in hand, that meaning, you can face anything. The obstacles are conquered. Now that doesn't mean that everyday is going to go by without a hitch. Life isn't easy, but when your spiritual needs are met and you have that purpose in hand, climbing that mountain doesn't feel never ending.

Questions may arise sometimes on whether or not you are fulfilling your purpose. And when that happens, just ask yourself, am I helping or imprinting something positive on someone's life or surroundings without thought of personal benefits? If you can answer yes, then you are on the right path. You can have more than one purpose too. From becoming a parent or becoming a spouse, teaching children which could mean smaller pay, these are just examples of purposes that people may choose. And when it doesn't seem obtainable, look at all the solutions you have before you and it is obvious it can be done.

Goals are a perfect way to stay on track to. Consider them stepping stones that help you along the way. Keeping you focused on your spiritual needs and having those needs met. However, your purpose is a much more broad concept. But those goals all lead to one thing, striving towards that purpose no matter how small of a goal it is.

Be true to your purpose and spiritual needs. Don't become easily swayed by others. Have such a deep passion for your life and purpose. If your purpose brings you joy and excitement, be true to yourself. No it is not easy. And sometimes striving to hold on to your purpose isn't always fun. But think of the overall picture and the outcome you will have just by listening to your inner self. Those little daily frustrations don't seem nearly as frustrating as they appeared to be.

Following your life's purpose shouldn't be a struggle or be forced. It is something you should be very excited about naturally. Working and playing on purpose is a lifestyle where you are at peace physically, mentally and spiritually.