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Magic for the Resistance

Rituals and Spells for Change

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This book provides rituals and spells to cause positive political and social change as well as to bring you in alignment with your spiritual consciousness.
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Magic for the Resistance Details

Magic for the Resistance is a must-have for any person interested in affecting positive changes in themselves, their nation, or the world. Regardless of your religious or spiritual background, you'll be able to learn history, spells, rituals, incantations and more in this comprehensive book of magic; anything from spells for binding Donald Trump to hexes on Nazis and right-wing extremists. In addition to influencing the outside world, the rituals and spells in this book will bring you into a closer alignment with your own higher spiritual consciousness, as one must first transform themselves before transforming one's society. If you've ever felt disillusioned because of the slow progress of social change, this work can sharpen your focus for more sustained, long-term activism.

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