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Gregory Lee

Gregory Lee, ULC Minister

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About Me:

My reasoning is very good, but my focus is difficult, because I have been lanced and pinned in both shoulders. I wear earmarks because God has reserved me for a special purpose. I call my self Lance for now, or Toro Bravo. I study prophecy and the book of Revelation. I have been weakened to enter the bull arena with Lucifer. I reason to find answers relating to God and Man. I have written independently published books on the subject of prophecy. Both of fiction and non fiction. I do not consider my self a normal man, but called by God. A bull has only one focus once he has been lanced. My focus is to gore the devil. Both day and night dwell inside of me. Sometimes I feel as Count Dracula one that is called to impale the villages of the damned, and other times I feel as if a Judge of Israel or a field Marshall, and even somewhat insane. Driven by madness at times. Never muzzle an ox while he is laboring in the fields. Reasoning is a weapon of the church. The limits of reasoning is war and national defense. I use scriptures to back my reasoning and to form principles that those who believe in God can agree upon. I am from the left side, never seated as those honored on the right side. The book of Revelation is a wedding party in which I understand. The seven churches of Asia are welcomed to join the wedding of the Lamb. The empire is ruled by Gog and Magog. I believe serving God is more important then serving the flesh of man. These principles also written in the first book of Corinthians chapter seven: Have you given your flower away to another. Join the supper of God in the Revelation. The woman is to be submissive to the man and the man is to love the woman, in the same way as the church of Christ and the assembly. These principles are written in the book of Ephesians. I know that marriage is very important to both man and woman, and that the kingdom of God is at work inside of you, and that when you become an angel, that angels never marry as it is written in the scriptures. Choose your maturity in the word of God. It seems that most people begin with tradition and earn their wings later. Then their are higher standards for Bishops and others as written in the book of Titus. This relating to the principles of family and marriage, and even for vampires. The climate of the entire earth seems to dwell inside of me. Yet marriage is to be filled love rather then evil and darkness. Everyday can become a trail in it's self. Even the book of Revelation says you shall have tribulation for 10 days. One third of a month shall be filled with darkness, the other two thirds is for both church and state and everything green. But for the glory of the kingdom, who shall you serve? Blasphemy of the holy spirit shall not be forgiven. The sixth trumpet is of the great assembly, that will destroy the third part of man. Therefore repent of your sin and love one another.

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