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Parents often fulfill important roles in a wedding. It’s not uncommon for a bride to be escorted to the altar by a parent and given away to be married. Some people have a parent who is a member of the clergy and authorized to officiate their marriage ceremony. If one of your parents wants to perform your wedding or if you’d like to do so for your own kids, enrollment in seminary isn’t necessary. The Universal Life Church provides a hassle-free path to ordination and the legal authorization to perform marriages. Singer, songwriter, and musician Steven Tyler became ordained through the ULC to officiate his son’s wedding.

Taking the Lead

Born Steven Victor Tallarico, Steven Tyler is best known as the lead vocalist and face of the American rock band Aerosmith since its founding in the 1970s. Tyler’s wide vocal range and high screams have earned him the moniker “The Demon of Screamin’.” In addition to writing songs for the band, he also plays the piano, the harmonica, and percussion. As a performer, Tyler is noted for his often androgynous attire and on-stage acrobatics. He is widely regarded as one of the best rock vocalists of all time, earning numerous accolades. He has also released solo albums and made guest appearances with other acts, such as Alice Cooper, Pink, and Santana, among others. 

Building a Family

Steven Tyler has been romantically linked to multiple women. He briefly dated fashion model Bebe Buell and fathered his first child, Liv Tyler, a Hollywood actress, in 1977. The next year he dated and married actress and model Cyrinda Foxe, which led to the birth of his second daughter, Mia Tyler, who also worked as a model and actress. After divorcing Foxe, Tyler went on to marry clothing designer Teresa Barrick, with whom he fathered a third daughter, Chelsea, in 1989, and a son, Taj, in 1991. 

Embracing the Ministry

In 2018, Steven Tyler revealed to the media that he paid $80 to become an ordained minister online with the ULC. When asked about the matter, he shared that he’d gotten ordained in order to marry his son to a beautiful girl. The singer remarked that he’d become a father after being a “mother” for so long. That last comment was likely a reference to his androgynous persona, both on and offstage. When asked if he’d perform other marriage ceremonies, Steven Tyler said that he and Mick Fleetwood (of Fleetwood Mac) would marry others. He also offered to solemnize the union of singer Justin Bieber to his girlfriend for $200,000. 

Ordering Your Ordination

While it’s not clear if Steven Tyler was serious about the $200,000 price tag, it should be noted that becoming an ordained minister with the ULC is a fun way to earn some extra income. Most importantly, after ordination, you are legally authorized to officiate wedding ceremonies for anyone, including your children, parents, siblings, and even strangers. The ordination process is free for anyone, regardless of your faith, belief system, or culture. While you pay a small fee for paperwork and other credentials, you have access to resources that provide guidance on performing wedding duties as well as your responsibilities in each state. 

You don’t have to be a great singer or television personality to officiate a wedding ceremony. The ULC provides a simple path to ordination that’s open to everyone, even if you aren’t a public figure or someone who is used to performing in front of crowds. You may not be able to charge six figures for a wedding; however, the ULC does provide recommendations for fees. Help engaged couples kick off their unions by becoming ordained today.

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