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Thanks to the Universal Life Church (ULC), it is easy to become an ordained priest online. ULC offersordination to interested persons through a free, easy, online process that is open to everyone with the sincere desire to serve their community. Over 20 million ministers, priests and rabbis have beenordained by ULC since the church was founded in 1959.

The church’s founding principle is that the priesthood should be available to everyone who is moved to answer the call. Ordination certificates are recognized in every state and priests who are ordained online can officiate at weddings, preform the rite of baptism, and officiate at funerals, burials, and memorial services.

A closeup of a Priest and his collar

It is a simple process to get ordained online. A person needs to provide his or her true and legal name for the legal ordination certificate and certify that he or she is over the age of 13. A mailing address needs to be provided for the church’s records. The Universal Life Church does not require that priests be male. The church opens its doors and welcomes everyone, regardless of gender, to enter thepriesthood.

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It is absolutely free to become ordained in the Universal Life Church. No fee is ever charged to maintain the credential. ULC is a legally recognized religious institution and priests who receiveonline ordination are of the same professional standing as priests of other denominations. ULC offers the same spiritual rank and the rewards of service to the community that any priest receives.

Once a person has become a priest, he or she can carry out the duties expected of the priesthood. Many ULC priests officiate and conduct the important religious life ceremonies of their friends and family members. Many people get ordained just for the reason of being available to officiate at these important occasions. Rather than an impersonal ceremony or only a legal blessing of a marriage, ULC priests who have been ordained online bring a personal bearing on the proceedings, making the event resonate with an added spiritual dimension.

Anyone can create a church from scratch either within a storefront or in their home. The advantage of being an online ordained priest is that with this certification of one’s legal standing automatically earns respect backed by an religious institution that has been in existence for over fifty years. ULC was formed to counteract negative impressions of religion. To do this, the church welcomes members of all spiritual disciplines who are called to spread the word that everyone is an equal child of the same universal power that imbues us all with natural love and goodness.

“We are all children of the same universe”

Home-based churches are vital organs in the universal religious body. ULC has ordained priests all over the world who spread good news and take charge of their spiritual destiny. As pillars of their community, priests who become ordained online through ULC provide the spiritual glue that cements their fellow citizens into realizing a fulfilling life. Whether they perform only one wedding ceremonyfor one dear friend or family member or if they preach weekly from their own pulpit, the Universal Life Church’s priests add value and meaning to the lives around them.

On December 10, 2010, the New York Times reported on the legitimate services provided by ministerswho earned their credentials free from the ULC website. This was preceded by a June 12, 2008 article by the The Wall Street Journal that reported on how easy it is become an ordained member of the ULC clergy. Both articles stress that ordination is legitimate and that those ordained are legally entitledto perform binding religious ceremonies. Wikipedia offers ample testimony on the church’s validity and documents its growth and importance in the online community.

As a church that both embraces the opportunity of the world wide web and the spiritual purpose and promise of every human being, ULC is a religious institution that is growing in its importance and earning the respect of its dedicated members and ordained ministers, rabbis and priests. The church does not stand between a priest and his or her God. It encourages each to follow their own spiritual path according to how the spirit moves them and in agreement with the First Amendment and the laws of the government.

To become ordained in ULC, one must be sure of his or her spiritual commitment and nothing else. No money is charged to become ordained, to hold the position, or to carry out the duties of the office.Ordination is almost instantaneous and absolutely free. The church’s tenet that it publishes on the bottom of its application page is this: “As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.” It is through that guiding article of faith that the church offers free, online ordination in good faith to all who choose to become a priest.

The benefits and the opportunities to serve the common good are innumerable. As a recognized priest ordained for life by a legally sanctioned church with a long history of religious tolerance and activity,ULC priests offer vital spiritual succor and support to their immediate family, friends, as well as their relatives in the entire, world-wide, human family. Because ULC priests can officiate at interdenominational, same-sex, and even agnostic ceremonies, they provide the spiritual imprimatur many people crave for a sense of legitimacy for their life choices and the eventual destinations of their souls.

By following their calling as they find it, according to their own unique spiritual understanding, priests ordained online by ULC touch hearts and lives in ways the priesthood of other denominations cannot or choose not to do. If there is a living spirit in this universe, it is embodied in the open, online process that ULC uses to empower its priests to start their own ministries, whether in their homes among a group of a select few, or in the wider world by trying to reach as many fellow travelers as possible.

Anyone can become a priest online to fulfill their mission.

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